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Broj 91 (2 - nova serija)

Godina XXI novembar-decembar/studeni-prosinac 1995.
Prethodna Sadrzaj Slijedeca

Letter to the Mostar citizens
with the reconstruction of the Old bridge

Up to this war I have often wondered how come that the Old bridge resisted to the armies, occupators and wars, knowing the characteristic of the human being which in those times unfortunately most frequently is proved with destruction. Then I assured myself that the Old bridge could be destroyed only by someone who has never seen him and who has never heard anything about him.

I belong to those people who have seen the falling of the Old bridge I have experienced as a greatest help to the Bosniacs. Only when the news about the destruction broke out, it has been found out about the Mostar hell: then the "Old one" broke the silence and spoke out about the suffering and about camps, about rapes and evictions, about all the evil comitted to innocent people. As if the Old bridge laid down its life and sacrificed itself in oreder to save people in his Mostar. So again he has showed his supremacy - the one he has been proving for centuries with his beauty.

Who has demolished the Old bridge? For everything that has been demolished in history it would not be true to say that it has been demolished from a nation. It would not be just as well - the burden of evil deed would wait even for unborn. The Old bridge has been demolished by evil people in the name of Croatian people. I am sure that the Croatian people will not take pride because such persons have been a part of it. In this war they have been most frequently called the fascists, but history has an objection to that name: ustashas and other fascists during the occupation of Mostar in the World War II have not demolished the Orthodox church, the Old bridge has remained intact and there was no camp for Mostar citizens. Hence, to the ones who have destroyed the Old bridge history has not yet given the adequate name.

What and why they have attempted to destroy by demolishing the Old bridge? It would be the identification of the extermination of a people with the act of destruction. When someone tolerance and beauty which symbolizes this bridge attempts to kill in a people by destructing, then I have to say that even with that act the Bosniacs have been determined as a people whose tradition, but the fate as well, like bridges, to connect the cultures, religions and civilizations. So the Mostar's Bridge has become a Bosniac symbol. As much the destruction spoke of very destroyer, it many times more has spoken of the people which was wished to be destroyed. Today it is clear that the fight in Mostar took place between the ones who defended and the ones who have been destroying of the Old bridge both from the east and the west. Thats is why the citizens of Mostar do not speak of the former Old bridge - for all of us, he is still "alive" as well as the people, who has been defended him and who has succeeded in defencing him.

Every man as a member of his people bears a message. The message of the ones who have been destroying him has been very clear. The building of the Old bridge will be the message of the Bosniacs to the civilization who have found their home in Bosnia and all the nations of the world who have been observing the this world treasure with their hands crossed.

The reconstruction of the Old bridge will be the most sublime victory of the victory of BiH. The bridge will be built in the exactly same way in which it has been built 428 years ago. It will be a peculiar ritual by which Bosnia will show its indestructibility. For a wise person-enough to comprehend, for less wise - to wise up. The remains of the fallen we shall get out of Neretva and embody into Old bridge - so it will be as old as it has been, and ever younger in order to remind the world of its stupidity. As the masters stonemasters cut the tenelija (translator's note - the most beautiful and valuable stone used for building bridges, found only in the vicinity of Mostar), they will look from the new Old bridge scaffolds how a new Old Mostar is built - the one who has always been harmony of civilizations.

It will be built by the ones which have in line, regardless of grenades and sniper bullets, gone in his direction to make sure with their own eyes that it has been demolished: one should not be surprised by them - these are the ones who did not believe that someone can demolish it.

The breath of centuries in the tenelija of the fallen will flow in its crescent between the worlds: Old bridge at the same time both older and younger than his very self.

In the land of the worlds, Bosnia, spreading from east and west, his magnificent crescent will be the symbol of their unification.

My Allah, will the Neretva stop running when she sees him!

Safet Orucevic

(prijevod: Dragan Pavlovic)

Prethodna Sadrzaj Slijedeca

Ekrem Moca Dizdar: Mimarine vjecne poruke

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