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Broj 91 (2 - nova serija)

Godina XXI novembar-decembar/studeni-prosinac 1995.
Prethodna Sadrzaj Slijedeca

A letter of the editor

In the Bible it has been written: "What has been, it is now and what will be, that has already been, because the God returns everything which has already passed."

We maintain that only our cruel war reality is refuting the biblical truth. For what happens in it has never occurred anywhere, nor can it ever happen.

If it were not so, there would not exist a need for this letter regarding a thematic issue of the "Most" magazine on the occasion of the Old Bridge second anniversary destruction in Mostar - a symbol of the town which is, in addition to impressional arabesque, our history as well, the bright substance of the past.

The Old Bridge, and all the other bridges too, have been demolished by those who have never been Bosniacs and who have been driving everything into the ground, so for them the ancient stone beauty represented a disgusting and a monstrous building, since it has been linking the two banks of Neretva, connecting peoples.

We have witnesses. A mountain of proofs.

Those have been the greatest madmen and ruffians who, first of all, sowed the hatred whose live arms have entangled around people like polyps and who with their behaviour surpassed the horrendous terror of the "black berets" in Chile.

By killing of the Old Bridge and the other bridges they wanted to disintegrate Bosnia and Herzegovina - not even thinking that so disintegrated Bosnia could bury additionally "their" state, be it called the greater Croatia or greater Serbia.

And the Hajrudin's bridge has been the masterpiece off Islamic building and cultural heritage, protected by UNESCO, which in addition to its splendour and elegance a true, filigree's work of art.

It was the most important monument of the Herzegovinian capital to which a great part of history has been related;
- for centuries a promenade and the dreamland of the Mostar youth;
- a stage in the open air;
- an improvised painter's gallery;
- a natural set for famous films;
- the main personality of many an anecdotes…

In the World War II, under the Old Bridge and the other bridges, fascists have set the chests which brave and courageous Mostar illegals in the most critical moment demounted.

In this war as well, in the greatest hell of the chetnik and ustasha aggression when it seemed that both the sky and earth were burning, the members of the now famous R BiH Army, the defenders of Mostar, have been going to the bridge with the intention to sacrifice even their own lives if the needs be for the rescuing of the magnificent edifice.

To the perished defenders of Mostar and to the Old bridge we are uttering our hatma dova (a translator's note -a Muslim religious prayer for the dead) and we dedicate these pages.

It is not our intention to raise the tensions and put the obstacles in the way of Federation of the Bosniacs and Croats. Far it be from us!

We do not want to be the gendarmes of tomorrow who paint the world of future with black colours, to go hunting after a people - God forbid! - and that we put on to the ones the wreaths of martyrdom, and to the others wreaths of chastity.

Everything is familiar, everything, if it has not already been, will be clear.

Love of ours is an oath of old.

One knows: who mostars are, and who barbarians are.

Our superiority over the brutality and the destruction is immense, because we do not talk much about it too, and because the Bosnianship is the quality and the goal of living to us.

The thematic issue is a warning to the ones who have celebrated when the Old Bridge (set up according to the genial conceit of mimar Hajrudin, the pupil of the greatest Turkish builder Mimar Sinan) has been deadly hit and has fallen into the river.

Not to mention the ones who in some Croatian media have been writing out such obituaries:

"The oldest citizen of Turkey in the Balkans has drowned - he did not know how to swim!"

Then a grievance day has been proclaimed in the city of Mostar, who in its tempestuous past has smelled out the firing powder, has listened out the thunders and storms, has seen out the burnt-out places and places of execution, but which has alto sung out the songs and celebrated out the victories.

When one mourned, he mourned. When one rejoiced, he rejoiced.

He has been the first in the battle for freedom and in the voluntary youth drives, at birthdays, weddings and funerals.

And he has remained where he is now, in the heart of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A crushed stone of its Old bridge has fitted into the frame of this magazine.

For insight to the corning and going…

Let this beautiful stone soul find its peace

and light be to him this Mostarian and Herzegovinian God's water Neretva.

Alija Kebo

(prijevod: Dragan Pavlovic)

Prethodna Sadrzaj Slijedeca

Ekrem Moca Dizdar: Mimarine vjecne poruke

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