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Broj 91 (2 - nova serija)

Godina XXI novembar-decembar/studeni-prosinac 1995.
Prethodna Sadrzaj Slijedeca


Dear friends,

One more death in our family, we heard. Jerrie died. For more than three years death has been something that happens every day. But Jerrie's death has touched and hurt us all deeply. When those we love die it is always unexpected and premature and he never looked like someone who was going to do. He possessed so much life which he unselfishly shared with us. Therefore we are stunned and our sorrow is as big as the war. We can feel that someone is missing and his death is a loss to us all. For as much as he was yours we considered him part of our family.

During the times when we thought we were forgotten by the whole world, that nobody thought about us and that God himself left us to be on our own, Jerrie came to help us, he came to our rescue. He came, to tell us that all rivers must have two banks, one of them being the human one. Then it appeared to us that he brought the Tower Bridge and put it up there, over the Neretva, in the emptiness of where for four hundred and twenty seven years the Old Bridge was standing in all its dignity. As he somehow drew a new map of the world which made London closer to us than any other town and even closer than the other half of Mostar, where many of us were born, where we used to live and work. Where we could not Jerrie taught us.

When we began to forget that the friendly strong grip can be the biggest joy. He taught us that the smile is the easiest language for all people to understand. That love is the biggest hope. So, it is no wonder people here love to say that Friday never meant to Robinson as much as Jerrie meant to us all. There is no person of any age, even a small child in Mostar who did not know Jerrie. The children would write his name on the walls of the cellars, their only shelters, and under the rainfall of shells in their homeworks and diaries. Old ladies would pray for him in evening prayers…

Others would speak of him as a ray of hope for survival. No one before him has managed to become one of us so quickly and lastingly. That is why we are now both tremendously happy and unhappy at the same time. Unhappy because he is no longer with us and happy because we knew him. Knowing him we have became richer. On the news of his death we, the citizens of Mostar, flew flags at half-mast, as we would do for our dearest. We do not know how big a monument you are going to erect in honour of him, but the one that he himself built around and in us by his kindness and goodness is higher than all others and it is going to last forever. We would be happy if you came to Mostar and experienced it. We wish you to know that, for those whom Jerrie loved, all gates of our town and our spirit are widely opened. Also please convey our condolences and our sentiments of grief, gratitude and friendship to all friends and relatives of yours. We wish you to know that you are not alone in your grief as we were not alone having your father with us in the most difficult moments of our lives.

Citizens of Mostar East

(prijevod: Maja Simic)

Prethodna Sadrzaj Slijedeca

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