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Aleksa Šantić: Oh, traveler

Oh, traveler from the distance,
If your heart is dying
For the beauty, which he has never seen?
For the beauty which only heaven is
Hiding in there?
But you come
And visit
My beautiful native town...
Above me, in the garden
The peaches are waving full
Of green fans and
The first blushes;
The sun is clinging to
Leaf’s crown as if it
Wants to weave into
All gold.
I, lean to the wall,
With crossed arms,
Watching how
Neretva is breaking itself of
Hollow cliffs.

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  • Author: Aleksa Šantić, poet (Mostar, 1868 – Mostar, 1924)
  • Title: Oh, traveler (1901); Neretva (1912)
  • Source: Chosen work (Sabrana djela)
  • Publisher: “Svjetlost”, Sarajevo, 1975

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