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Hamza Humo: Mostar I

... And there toward to the north Mostar appears, like imagine picture on the film, and from the heap of buildings, minarets are appearing as well as poplar-tree. But the arch of the Old Bridge, like a half-moon, boldly vault the deep river Neretva and with its towers reminds to fairy tail...

This town on the river Neretva, whose history begins at the beginning of sixteen century, gives to the traveler its southerner’s temperament, blue deep sky and golden vine. Beside that, Mostar is right place for the printmakers and for its colorfulness it good for fantasy. Surrounded by sharp contours of hills, Mostar is alive eye which, with love, is looking into the sky full of stars. With its vegetation Mostar looks like Biblical towns which, in bold lines and clear colors, are seeking to the sky to reach the part of its blueness.

The soul of Mostar is smiling, the basic color is blue, and the sound is sweetly like a yearning. But its wonder is given by the murmur of the Neretva, and the remembering to the old Biblical towns is given by: bloody rose-hip, silken olive, and vineyards at the hillsides. The East gave him minarets in pledge. There is something in their high intensity, like they want to take little blueness off the sky.

Since the time Mostar is known, it has been tough like a nut, but famous like a victory. Passionate like a southerner, it is watered by wish for enjoying and for unconcern. He is like that with his white nights, and such as his surrounding. That passion is golden in their vine and in the look of his citizens.

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  • Author: Hamza Humo, writer (Mostar, 1895 – Sarajevo, 1970)
  • Title: Mostar I (fragment)
  • Source: Chosen work (Sabrana djela), Sarajevo, 1976

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