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Ivan Kordić: The clear sky never again

The sky over Mostar used to be clear as a glass, as Hamza Humo would say, the people were bright and merry of the bliss and cheerfulness, they walked, lived and dreamt under the barren hills, under cypress trees, in the shade of plane-trees, at the Radobolja and on caves above the Neretva. Mostar people were universally known citizens, and Mostar was beloved by many people simply because passing through it, or spending a night under its sky.

The sky over Mostar will never be as clear as a glass, and the lament and darkness that embraced this town will stay a reminder to the people to come, a reminder above any possible prediction.

Such horrible fate Mostar had not deserved.

There is no such Lord that can give absolution to those who wanted to have a Judgment Day in a town without His Will...

And when I wanted to reach closer in a poem, to the Old Bridge, I thought for a long time to which extent to do it, and I decided to write a sonnet as a perfect and wholesome shape that fits the features of its supernatural architecture.


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  • Author: Ivan Kordić, writer, journalist (Blizanci near Mostar, 1945)
  • Title: The clear sky never again (fragment), 1993
  • Source: (Non) Dated inscription (fragment), Mostar, anni praesentis 1993

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