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Enes Kišević: Heritage of God

With Old Bridge of Mostar
two banks became one.
That’s how the Almighty wanted
and He built it by
the hand of Hajrudin.
This word of stone belongs
to the heritage of God
for its look and beauty.
It was being built and deconstructed
this bridge is like a light and dark
under eternal protection of God.
What the moon is on the sky
among the stars –
that’s the bridge of Mostar
on the earth.
He remains on memory
of those who see
him only once.
Without the bridge of Mostar,
beside of all its stars
and oceans –
The world would be crippled.
That was shown
by these 11 years
not his
but human’s fall.
I rely on pitying God
that He will make
the world stand up on the feet
after the Bridge is rebuilt.

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  • Author: Enes Kišević, poet and actor (Bosanska Krupa, 1947)
  • Title: Heritage of God, Mostar, 2004
  • Source: Magazine Most (Časopis Most), nr. 175 (86), VI 2004
  • Publisher: Association of writers of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Mostar

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