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Ivo Mijo Andrić: Lira

As many bridges so many songs
In travels of Evlija Čelebija
For centuries it stands written
The fountain of Ibrahim-effendi
Many poets have written verses about
The gull that hovers above the Water
He was and he is the symbol of Freedom
And their indescribable wish.
In distich Medžazija sang
And wrote about bridge of Dervis Pasha
In third verse Tabija is mentioned
As midnight light of lamplighters.
Thanks to Dear God and Allah
To reconcile banks with Neretva
To give strength to sower
And rich harvest to harvester
Green vision of hope flows
And Emina holds a water pot
Is that the sweet cherry fallen
Into the Water or it is Aleksa’s lira.
Don’t be quiet Miso, sing
If not to bridge than to lovers
Your rimes are fine threads
And their sounds we can hear
Even from Rondo.
And while I write about Mostar
From the bottom of my soul
I feel the drops bubble but
Those autumn rains on the Mostar’s sky
Sing eternal song about Water.

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  • Author: Ivo Mijo Andrić, writer, (Čanići near Tuzla, 1948)
  • Title: Lira, Sarajevo, 1998
  • Source: Magazine Most (Časopis Most), nr. 108-109 (19-20), XI-XII 1998
  • Publisher: Association of writers of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Mostar

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